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Unicycling Activities and Games!

    Yet another great thing about unicycles is the fact that you have your arms free. Some really fun things to do include:

  • Playing tag :) or racing.
  • Eating food as you ride (pop in one hand, hotdog in the other...)
  • Playing basketball, hockey (very fun!!), jousting, etc.
  • If it's raining, you can hold an umbrella as you ride. :)
  • Unicycling to work or to school (just toss on a backpack and you're set!) We use our unis a lot for transportation to school and around campus.
  • Talking on the (cordless) phone. It's just so cute!
  • Entertaining little kids - they love watching you do tricks on this mysterious one-wheeled apparatus.
  • Walking your dog (unless your dog is suicidal like ours and keeps walking directly in front of the wheel. But now that we can idle, go backwards, and stop quickly it's not so bad!)