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A Few Tips in Caring for Your Uni...

  • The number one thing you should do is protect the seat. How? With socks! Find an old pair that you could do without, and put one over each end of the seat. Tuck in the stuff that hangs out. Socks make a wonderful protective covering - we learned this tip from some of our uni pals. Dropping the seat is inevitable, and socks will make it last a whole lot longer.
  • In the winter, don't leave your uni in the garage. Bring it inside and put it in your basement. Cold weather is hard on the tire and it may crack. For an easy storage idea, try hanging it upside-down from a hook.
  • Pay attention to your uni. Make sure nothing is loose or clicking, and fix it right away. It may seem like there's not much to a unicycle, but when it gets old and neglected, it will start falling apart rapidly!

    ***Special thanks to Rick Bissell for these additional tips!!***

  • Take your uni to a local bike shop once a year to get the wheel checked for trueness. They will make sure that the rim is in good shape: not warped or out of round, and that the spokes are evenly tensioned to help keep it that way.
  • Make sure that the pedals are tightly screwed into the cranks. BE CAREFUL, the left pedal has a reverse thread. Spin the pedals and check for binding in the bearings. If they are tight, have the bike shop adjust them for you.
  • Check the alignment of the seat to the wheel. It should be parallel to the wheel and the centerline of the seat should fall directly over the centerline of the wheel. Loosen the seat binder bolt and adjust as necessary.