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    Since it is a level-ten trick, coasting may seem a bit intimidating. However, we were inspired by a friend who learned to coast in two days and he was only a level-five rider, so we decided we had to try it! Within one evening, we were able to coast for two or three revolutions of the tire. We're still in that range. It's the most amazing feeling! One reason we like it is because it almost seems impossible.

    For coasting, you don't have your feet on the pedals or on the tire. Instead, both feet are placed on the fork of the frame, and you correct your balance with upper-body adjustments. First, be riding one-footed fairly fast so it's smooth. Then take your pedaling foot off the pedal and put it on the frame as well. Your first few attempts at coasting will be *very* short, but if you keep trying, you will surprise yourself. Pretty soon you can hang on long enough to feel how to correct your balance. Put your arms out in front of you, "zombie-style," and use them for balance. Take note of whether you fall off forward or backward and adjust accordingly next time. Most of your weight is on the seat, and your weight is more forward than when you are gliding.