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Forming a Club

by Tammy Marsh

To see some cute pictures taken at a club meeting, click here.

    Why start a club? To create more unicyclists of course! Unicycling really is a lot more fun with other people, and teaching others is a great way to make new friends.
    I started college the summer after I learned how to ride, and I started the club as a freshman. I am currently a junior at South Dakota State University. A unicyclist who had graduated from SDSU convinced me to go for it and start up a unicycling club on campus. I decided to plunge right in.
    The process, at least at my college, is rather long and tedious, but I took it one step at a time and it wasn't so bad. The first thing I had to do was get at least seven signatures of students willing to participate in my club. That was easy, and I actually got over 20 signatures, the majority from my loyal calculus class! Then I had to find an adviser (I found not one, but TWO), write a constitution and bylaws, hold officer elections, and reserve a place to practice. We use the ROTC building's basketball courts (nice!). We had access to several unis which we rounded up from neighbors, friends, and relatives, and of course, we had our own unicycles. Then I had to attend several meetings. I met with someone in the Student Enrichment department, and also attended meetings of the Student Affairs Organization and the Students' Association, where they critiqued my constitution and bylaws and recommended changes. I made the changes and also filled out paperwork for an off-campus accout. Now we're a club! It took about a semester, but I started having meetings while we were still a forming organization.
    I am currently the president of the SDSU Juggling and Unicycling Club. I decided to include juggling in hopes of attracting more people. It is also open it to yo-yo's, diabolos, devil sticks, etc. :) Creating this club has been a very rewarding experience for me. Our meetings started small, with few people showing up, but they were still a lot of fun and I got in some good practice time. As the semester went on, more and more people started coming. High school and middle school students have also been joining us and learning to unicycle. I really enjoy teaching people, and inspiring them with my tricks. Hopefully as we grow we can get involved in activities like parades, attending festivals, performing shows, or visiting schools, hospitals and nursing homes.