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    Gliding is riding with no feet on the pedals, but dragging one foot on the top of the tire as a brake. Your other foot is on the frame fork. It's really exhillarating - and highly recommended! Ok, first learn to wheel walk and wheel walk one-footed. Experimenting with pull-gliding is a good idea too. Then try gliding on your own. First, you can try to wheel-walk one-footed and make your steps as big as possible. Glide for a few inches by letting your foot drag lightly on the tire. Another method of learning is to try to glide down gently-sloping driveways or ramps.

    To be able to get any real distance while gliding, you have to be pedaling and then go directly into gliding so you keep your momentum. Ride at a moderate speed (not too fast for learning), then take your feet off the pedals, one slightly before the other. The first foot goes to the tire, the second to the frame. Keep a light touch on the tire, just enough pressure to maintain balance, and glide as long as you can! Keep track of your progress. We can only glide a few meters, but we're improving all the time.