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Juggling while riding

This is classic. Every unicyclist really ought to learn to juggle. Actually, the type of people who learn to juggle are often the type of people who learn to unicyle, so it works out quite nicely. You may ask what type of person that is: weird!

We learned to juggle a few summers before we took up unicycling, so at least we had the juggling down pat. There are two steps you should master before attempting to juggle as you ride. These may seem painfully obvious, but here they are anyway:

  • Be able to juggle REALLY well, like you could almost juggle forever if you had no life. If you want to learn how to juggle, click HERE.
  • Secondly, be able to ride the unicycle quite well. Basically, be able to ride fairly comfortably and fairly straight, without flailing your arms too much. Have a good sense of balance and be able to weave a little.

    Now, it is time to put them together. When you first try unicycling and juggling at the same time, it will feel like you have forgotten how to do either one. (It's that bad.) But, if you keep trying and keep trying, it will gradually come to you. At first, one or two catches is all that you'll get before you drop them all. Then you'll get five and ten and twenty! Pretty soon, you can juggle for a half a block, and longer if you work at it.


    Try juggling two bean bags in one hand. It's actually easier because you can use one arm to balance yourself while ridng. If you want to get really involved, go for juggling two bean bags in EACH hand! We haven't tried that. Juggling clubs is also very impressive. You could also try juggling on the giraffe unicycle.

    Tanya and Tammy team juggle six oranges. We're on our way to juggling six torches on six foot giraffes... :)

    You can also do rings!