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We took several friends with us to the Mondo XI festival in St. Paul, Minnesota, Feb. 18-20, 2000. We had a blast and hung out with some really cool people. :) We also learned a lot of juggling and unicycling tricks! And diabolos, as you can see. :)

Irene and Gilby do the flying twirl! Johnny, aka MoNKeYSPaZ, shows off his contact juggling. Daniel, Tammy, Peter Bier, and Tanya pass clubs. Amelia concentrates on her new diabolo! Daniel and Tammy pose for a pic. Johnny gives Tammy a lift. Sara on the Super Trick Cycle!! Graceful Irene, stand-up wheel walking. Johnny gives the diabolo a shot. The TCUC public demo group routine. We're in it! The amazing Colin crank-idles with Lindsay on his shoulders. Irene seat drags! Colin demonstrates sideways wheel walk! Peter and Tammy pass clubs as Johnny looks on. Sara perfects her diabolo art. Irene hand wheel walks! Here she is again! Johnny practices being cute. Peter and Luke pass clubs on unis. Peter makes it look so easy! Our Mondo Gang. Group shot.

Some pics from before and after Mondo... It's the amazing Daniel from Canada!!

He taught us how to juggle torches. Here's Tanya!