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MUni = Mountain Unicycling!

by Tanya

We recently gave MUni a shot - and we love it! We stuck some $5 WalMart MTB tires on our big, bad 24" Cyclepros and went to Newton Hills State Park for the afternoon.

The trails were probably very easy by all standards of MUni, and they were certainly short!! But there were some serious ruts and loose gravel and it was really neat after riding over a patch of vicious stuff that we were both still on our unis! We kept expecting to get bucked off at any moment.

We even found a little stream (!) to cross. But not wanting to get wet and be cold for the rest of the day, we opted for walking across it gingerly on some logs, dragging our unis with us. :)

We discovered that uphill is a lot more work, downhill is a lot more fun! We talked to some MTBers and some hikers, and scared some horses (and probably their riders, too) with our odd one-wheeled machines along with the singing we were doing at the tops of our lungs.

Well, it was really fun, so for anyone yet to try it...go MUni!

We would like to invest in some REAL MUnis, decked out with grippy pedals, good seats, thick knobby tires, suspension seat post and all that jazz, but for now our regular unis are sufficing!

Here we are, smirking as if we had really ridden down those steps.