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PULLGLIDING: Tammy rides backwards, pulling Tanya who is gliding on the tire.

    This is one of the coolest thing we can do to date. And it's also really fun!

    First, learn to wheel walk, then wheel walk one-footed and experiment with a little gliding. Pull-gliding will help you get better.

    What is it? For those of you who don't know, pull-gliding involves two unicyclists. One rides backwards while pulling the other person who is gliding (one foot on the frame, the other on the tire as a break, moderating pressure and balance). The rider should be decent at going backwards. The glider and the rider grab hands. (After trying the arm-wrestling and circus-sytle grips, we decided we like the hand-shake method the best.) Then the glider gets into position and the rider starts going backwards. The glider has to keep in mind a few things: don't put too much pressure on the tire (then again, not too little either...), keep your back straight and lean back. Leaning back will help a lot. Then glide! It will take a while before you get the hang of it, but once you taste the thrill of gliding, you'll never want to stop.

    You can find other creative ways to pullglide - check out Dillion Divine catching a ride with his mom!


    A cool variation of pull-gliding is PUSH-gliding! The rider pushes the glider from behind; it works best to support the glider by placing your hands on his or her outstretched arms. The glider has to keep his or her arms stiff and out to the sides while leaning back but still maintaining control of the tire. It's cool!