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Stand-up Wheel Walk

The prerequisites for this trick are wheel walk and one foot wheel walk. You also need a frame with a non-rounded fork that you can put your weight on, such as a Miyata or a Semcycle. Cyclepro frames are not ideal for this trick. We have deluxe Miyatas, which are fair but not the best for stand-up. A standard Miyata offers a more defined step for your foot.

There are three quick steps to get into the stand up position. Have a helper or a wall nearby.

1. Put your first foot on the frame overlapping onto the front of the tire. This is the pusher foot.
2. Place your second foot on the fork of the frame, with the arch of your foot pressing against the uni.
3. Using one hand to hang onto a person or a wall and one hand to pull the seat out, transfer your weight to your feet and stand up straight. Hold the seat between your knees and slide the pusher foot onto the tire, turned in. (Think pigeon toed!) Keep the heel of the foot on the frame down, as low as possible to make room for the pusher foot.

Now take small one-footed wheel walk steps forward. Practicing this trick is fun because you feel like a penguin! After you can do it with assistance, try starting against a wall and then wheel walking away from it. Put your arms out for balance. If the arch of your foot hurts, then you're doing it right. Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Or you can try wearing stiffer shoes. :)

Ok, now you gotta learn how to get into stand-up wheel walk. There are a number of ways. Here is one: Try it from one-footed idling with your foot on the frame. When your body is going forward (and the bottom pedal back), stop the tire with the foot on the frame. Make sure that's the foot that you "walk" with. When you lock the tire, have your foot on both the frame and the wheel. Then when the tire is not moving, take your second foot and also place it on the frame and stand up quickly. Holding onto the seat makes it easier. Once you're up, slide your "walking" foot all the way onto the tire and go, go, go, or you'll fall over! Also try getting into it from regular riding and from one-foot wheel walk. Mounting directly to stand-up is not too difficult - start with your "walking" foot on the frame and overlapping onto the tire. Lean the seat back toward you. Now jump as you place your second foot on the frame and slide your first foot all the way onto the tire and stand up!

And finally, you gotta get down. Try going from stand-up wheel walk to sit-down wheel walkd and THEN back to the pedals. The trick is to pause and hold the tire still for a second, sit down with your weight on the seat, then start wheel walking and regain your pedals.