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Top 26 Comments We Receive While Unicycling

(OK, so maybe "Top Twenty-six" doesn't have the same ring to it as "Top Ten," but we had too many good ones!)

  • 26. "What do you do with your arms??" (eat! juggle! whatever!)
  • 25. "Is it just like a bike once you get going?" (umm... not really)
  • 24. "Where's the elephant? Is he next?"
  • 23. "How do you turn?"
  • 22. "You guys are COOL! But I can ride two of them at once!" (Obviously a biker.)
  • 21. "Can I ride on the handlebars?"
  • 20. "Mommy, what kind of bike is that?"
  • 19. "Look at the tricycle!" (College boys can't count...)
  • 18. "That's a trick!"
  • 17. "One word - WHY?" (Two words: why not? :) )
  • 16. "I think you're INSANE!"
  • 15. "Now there's something you don't see every day!"
  • 14. "You guys are HARD-CORE!" (We were unicycling during a blizzard.)
  • 13. "I gotta get me one of those!"
  • 12. "Wanna race?" (This from a biker.)
  • 11. "Pop a wheelie!" (We comply and jump for them.)
  • 10. "You just keep getting better and better!" (This from our neighbors and people we have never even met, who so thoughtfully monitor our progress for us!)
  • 9. "Don't fall!"
  • 8. "Is that hard?"
  • 7. "Have you taken up juggling yet?" (Actually, yes.)
  • 6. "The circus is coming to town!"
  • 5. "Can I try that?"
  • 4. "Do you even own bikes?" (yes, but we NEVER ride them!)
  • 3. "That looks like fun." (of course)
  • 2. "Look! It's a unicorn!"
  • 1. "Hey girls - you're missing a wheel!" (We get this one at least 2.5 times a day, and we're really getting sick of it!)

    Other responses we get include honks and really strange expressions. We get looks that range from pure pity to utter awe, and EVERYTHING in between.

    Of course, not all comments will be positive, but just ignore the bad ones!