Tricks to Try

One of the fun things about unicycling is that there is always something new to try. Here is a collection of everything we can do. We'll explain how we learned it, and we have included some photos also.

  • Juggling while riding
  • Weaving through obtacles
  • Picking up objects
  • Idling in place
  • Riding backward
  • Riding down curbs
  • Jumping
  • Spinning
  • Riding a giraffe
  • Riding on your stomach
  • Riding with seat out
  • Crank idling
  • Riding on shoulders
  • Hop on tire
  • Riding one-footed
  • Walking the Wheel
  • Stand-up Wheel Walk
  • Koosh Koosh
  • Pull-gliding
  • Gliding
  • Pull-coasting
  • Coasting
  • Cool mounts

    Why learn tricks? With every new skill you master, you'll gain more and more control, and the more at-home you will feel atop your uni. Plus, it's just fun!! We have officially passed level five of unicycling and we are members of the Twin City Unicycle Club. (See for more info.)